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Canadian singer-songwriter and recently nominated “Rising Star” with the CMAOntario Awards and 2019 “Best New Artist" for the Mississauga Music Awards, BREE TAYLOR is a force to be reckoned with. Her latest single “Burning Bridges” (Donny Anderson/Murray Daigle) was a summer anthem for summer 2020 and has fans singing along to the upbeat melody and powerful, positive lyrics. The song went #1 on the Canadian Indie charts in October 2020 and was #17 in the Top 50 Indie songs of 2020 for all of Canada. 


April 30th, 2021 is the release date of Bree’s highly anticipated new single release “Kryptonite”. The song will not disappoint fans as it is highly relatable exploring how someone who can be bad for you can be irresistible at the same time and that magnetic attraction can grab a hold of you despite your better judgement. 


Her most popular single release to date “Cry" hit over 72,000 organic streams in 2020 and over 30k views on the music video in only a few weeks of its release, receiving massive fan engagement online. This song has deeply connected with fans on an emotional level with this ballad. "I truly love this song because it sends the message that it's okay to not be okay sometimes. That showing your vulnerabilities isn't a weakness - it's a strength. Breaking down and crying sometimes is healthy and it is a human reaction that is normal." She recently released the acoustic live off the floor version January 29, 2021 that helped fans connect with the song in a new way and continue to bring awareness to mental health which is a cause that Bree holds close to her heart being a mental health advocate. 


Despite the success of her debut pop EP “Unbreakable” released in 2019, followed by a 12-city Canada wide tour, Bree has shown a remarkable and unique flare for country music and she is not backing down anytime soon. Combining the sounds of pop and country has proven to be a perfect blend for this talented singer-songwriter which can heard in each new release. 

Her music career began at the age of six – performing in local choirs, and although she does not come from a musical family, she knew at an early age that performing was the career path she was meant for. Bree has been writing songs since she was a young girl but first hit the recording studio when she was 16 years old and has launched her musical career ever since. 


Bree has trained with the legendary vocal coach to the stars, Bob Garrett in Los Angeles as well as Lorraine Lawson in Toronto, well known as a vocal coach for CTV’s “The Launch”.

With a career and brand built on authenticity, honesty and resilience, Bree’s creative ambitions have no limitations. No matter what life throws at her, Bree is and always will be a fighter and she will keep writing songs, keep singing and will remain truly unapologetically Bree! 

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