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About Bree

Bree Taylor is a rising star in the country music scene, known for her distinctive blend of country and rock. Bree is not just making music; she's forging a genre-defying path that's all her own.


With influences ranging from country legends like Carrie Underwood to rock icons like Joan Jett, Bree's music transcends traditional boundaries. Her songs carry the unmistakable spirit of country music, infused with the raw power of rock 'n' roll. Bree is breaking free from the molds and stereotypes, and proving that women can rock in country music just as hard, if not harder, than the men.


Bree's lyrics are a reflection of her fearless attitude and unapologetic authenticity. Her songs tackle themes of independence, resilience, and standing up for what you believe in. Her debut album, "Dauntless," stands as a powerful testament to her artistry. Notably, "Dauntless" was recently nominated for Album of the Year 2023 by Mississauga Music (after a 2022 win for Fan Choice Award), a recognition of its impact and the connection it has forged with listeners.


One of her standout tracks, "Dauntless," garnered significant attention with over 116,000 views on the music video and recently hit over 100,000 streams on Spotify. Dauntless also reached substantial success on TikTok with over 500,000 collective views on various content for the song/music video and reaching over 50,000 followers and growing. It's a fierce anthem that embodies the rebel country spirit, encouraging listeners to be unapologetically themselves and to face life's challenges head-on. 

“Closing The Door” (over 130,000 streams on Spotify) is the antithesis of “Dauntless”, it is a poignant and uplifting anthem inspired by the concept of ‘bless and release’. The song encourages listeners to reflect on past chapters and experiences, to let go of the hurt caused by those who tried to tear them down and to keep the valuable lessons learned. Both singles were co-written with Styles Haury (Luke Bryan’s No. 1 “Country On”) and produced by Grady Saxman. The music takes a fresh direction, infusing alternative country with a nod to artists like Blink-182 and Sum41.


Bree's musical journey is not just about defiance; it's about empowerment and inclusivity. She's not just challenging the status quo; she's creating a welcoming space for fans of all backgrounds to embrace the rebel within. Her music transcends genre boundaries, making it accessible and relatable to a diverse audience.


Beyond the music, Bree is a force for positive change. She uses her platform to inspire others, particularly those who have faced adversity, to rise above challenges and pursue their dreams. Her own journey, including overcoming a hearing impairment, is a testament to her strength and spirit. 


Bree's talent extends beyond the studio and into her live performances, where she truly shines. Her electrifying shows have earned her a reputation as a must-see live act. She has graced stages at festivals and venues across Canada leaving audiences captivated and inspired by her music and stage presence.


As Bree Taylor continues to blaze her trail in the world of music, she's not just making songs; she's making a statement. She's redefining what it means to be a country artist and challenging conventions. With her powerful voice, fearless attitude, and undeniable talent, Bree is leading the charge in a musical revolution that's here to stay.

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