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About Bree

Bree Taylor’s latest album, Dauntless, inspired her autobiographical single, “Dauntless,” an authentic new direction for the Canadian singer-songwriter whose strength and resilience is embodied in the fierce

country-rock song. 


“This single represents who I am,” says Bree. “It’s me opening up in a raw and honest way and paving a path for myself, and others, to be yourself and embrace who you are despite your circumstances.”


The female outlaw single was co-written with Styles Haury (Luke Bryan’s No. 1 “Country On”) and produced by Grady Saxman (Luke Combs, Trey Lewis) after the eight songs for Dauntless were finished, and released in late 2022, but Bree was so excited about the title, and this exciting new phase of her career, that she was inspired to write the title track.


“Don’t try to tell me who I am / Don’t try to tell me that I can’t / Don’t try to make me fit the standard…I’m the do what it takes to make it,” she sings.


“The reason I wrote the title-track is because of what that word ‘dauntless’ represents; being bold, fearless, confident, adventurous and a risk-taker, someone who is truly unapologetic and encapsulates all those great strengths that I have become,” Bree explains. “Growing up, I was always made to feel less than myself and this is me being confident in who I am.”


This isn’t lip service. It is deeply rooted in a secret she is ready to let the music industry and her fans in on. 


For the first time since launching her music career, Bree is revealing something about herself that speaks volumes about her drive, her talent, and the ability to overcome what she was originally told would be obstacle to becoming a recording artist:  Bree is hearing impaired. 


“I hope to inspire people with my story because this is part of who I am and what has motivated me to keep going, despite the odds,” she says.


While she grew up with hearing challenges, she sang well enough to be part of choirs from the age of 6 and took vocal lessons at age 12. Then, at 16, her father brought her to a studio to record some covers, including Dixie Chicks’ “Not Ready To Make Nice,” which Bree includes today in her live set and has become a fan favourite at her shows.  In 2016, she recorded and released her first original song, “Broken Dreams,” which can also be found on her 2018 pop EP, Unbreakable. But despite early and encouraging success, she always felt that country music was her destiny. “It felt most authentic to me,” Bree says.

Advancements in technology the past several years has enabled her to have far superior hearing aids than she had when she was starting out, which has given her infinitely more self-confidence.  That has come through for her in spades. In 2019, she was nominated for Best New Artist at the Mississauga Music Awards and in 2022 won Mississauga Music’s Fan Choice Award. Bree has accumulated several nominations over the last four years and is not backing down on her rise to the top anytime soon. 


“I am so proud of this award. I am very involved in the Mississauga music community, so to be recognized by local fans means the world to me,” Bree says. “I am proud of my live show ‘Dauntless Hearts Music,’ that I host at The Rec Room SQ1 Mississauga and hope that it becomes a place for musicians to showcase their bold, fearless, authentic selves and music.”


Her first country single was 2018’s “Turn It Up,” and all the music that has followed has taken her one step closer to Bree Taylor, the dauntless era. The album was primarily produced and co-written by Murray Daigle, a collection of songs from the past three years, including singles “Kryptonite,” “Burning Bridges” and “Sha La La,”


“They are all stories about my journey of self-discovery and my outlook on life, growing and changing into the person that I am today — being unapologetically myself,” Bree says. “This journey in music has helped me get there and these songs are chapters of that. But ‘Dauntless,’ the single, is my most authentic yet with a

pop-rock female outlaw country vibe, and I can’t wait to explore more of this side and get out there and

play for fans.”

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