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with Mississauga Music 


"Kryptonite" TOP 100 for the CBC Toyota Searchlight Contest 2022!

 Nominated for 2022 MARTY Award Established Vocalist of the Year 
Nominated for 2021 MARTY Award for Solo Vocalist of the Year 

SHA LA LABree Taylor
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On My Own Bree Taylor
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Burning BridgesBree Taylor
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CryBree Taylor
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"Kryptonite" nominated for "Best Country Video of the Year"
with Dropout Entertainment 2021

"Kryptonite" nominated for "Song of the Year"
with the Mississauga Music Awards 2021

Nominated for 2019  Mississauga Music Award "Best New Artist" & 2020 for Video of the Year "Drive" 


Jordyn Elliott


Eric Alper

DriveBree Taylor
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Turn It UpBree Taylor
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Facts about bree

  • Bree is a hearing impaired singer. She has worn hearing aids since she was 16 years old.

  • Bree recently kicked off her NEW concert series "Cheers & Beers" at the Rec Room Mississauga. She partnered with Kids Against Hunger Canada and TenFed to help raise awareness poverty and raise money to help feed people suffering from food insensitivity in Canada and across the globe whilst giving performance opportunities to independent artists in the GTA.


  • Bree created and hosts her podcast "Unapologetically Bree" interviewing guests about living their authentic live's and discussing their unapologetic journey's which has become increasingly popular and another way for her to interact and engage with her fans.


  • Bree represents and lives by example of being unapologetically yourself and being authentic. There is only one YOU in this world so why try to be anyone else?

  • As a girl with curves who has never been the typical "skinny" girl typically portrayed, Bree owns her body and connects with the average girl living in society who would classify as in between skinny and plus sized. She prioritizes fitness and health while managing realistic expectations and embraces encouraging and loving the female body - flaws and all.  

  • Bree prides herself on being accessible and relatable to her fans. She loves engaging with them online, opening up to them about what she is going through etc and giving back to them for their constant support in her career. 

  • Bree is also very open about her own struggle and history with depression and anxiety and is a huge advocate for mental health awareness along with other philanthropic causes close to her heart like human equality, the LGBTQ+ & poverty. 


About Bree

Bree Taylor is a force to be reckoned with. Mississauga Music's FAN CHOICE AWARD winner 2022, the multi nominated country artist is known for granting an all access pass to fans on her contagiously upbeat music that listens like pages of her personal diary which can be heard on her debut album "DAUNTLESS" (October 7th, 2022).

For Taylor, singing, writing and performing were built into her DNA. From being born to James Taylor songs in the delivery room, by the tender age of six, the soon-to-be breakout artist was already exhibiting signs of being a musician. Despite her hearing impairment from childhood, she found her voice among choirs, eventually making her way to a recording studio in her teens. Despite her hearing loss, Taylor has not let it hold her back from going after her dreams and has made a career for herself as a country superstar on the rise who is the epitome of resilience. Taylor has trained with the legendary vocal coach to the stars, Bob Garrett (Los Angeles) and Lorraine Lawson (Toronto, CTV's ‘The Launch’).


Bree has had 4 songs chart on the Canadian Indie Country Charts. Her first single “Cry”, hit #2 on the Canadian Indie Charts and “Burning Bridges” soared to #1 in October 2020 (and was #17 of the Top 50 in Indie Songs of 2020).  Her smash hit "Kryptonite" gave her her second #1 hit on the charts with nominations for “Song of the Year” with the Mississauga Music Awards, “Emerging Solo Vocalist” with the MARTY’s and “Best Country Video of the Year” with Dropout Entertainment in 2021. The song also made the TOP 100 in the CBC Toyota Searchlight contest 2022.  Bree's single "On My Own" hit #1 in May 2022 with the announcement of the station's closing. Bree has also received nominations for “Drive - Video of the Year” and “Best New Artist” in 2019 with the Mississauga Music Awards and was nominated for Established Vocalist of the Year with the MARTY Awards 2022. Her latest win for "FAN CHOICE AWARD" with Mississauga Music 2022 meant the world to her. Bree values her relationship with her listeners and prioritizes engaging with fans online and in person at shows. 

Bree holds philanthropic causes close to her heart. Supporting and bringing awareness to mental health, human equality and poverty. Bree recently kicked off her new concert series 'Cheers & Beers' on June 10th, 2022 in support of TenFed and Kids Against Hunger Canada, helping to feed children and families suffering from food insensitivity in Canada and across the globe.

Taylor kicked off 2022, with her anthemic single,“On My Own”, a deeply emotional prose, touching on life's hardships and challenges. Her summer single, “Sha La La” tosses back a shooter of summer fun and laughter - dancing and laid back vibes. Taylor launches her final single off her debut album "DAUNTLESS", called "My Last Breath", which gives listeners a chance to fall in love with a brand new track from a country powerhouse in the making. Whether you're happy in love or waiting for that special someone, this love song is one that all can relate to. 

With commanding vocals, and ability to resonate, Taylor is an ode to a young Shania, or Trisha Yearwood. Following on the sonic footprints of Underwood and Ballernini, Taylor is bootstompin’ into the hearts of country fans everywhere. Taylor was truly born with a talent that draws you in and holds you captive till every last grit, grime, and perfectly pitched crescendo has been placed on your lap. You’ll find yourself at the end of a track, rapidly trying to start it all over again.

With a career and brand built on authenticity, honesty and resilience, Bree’s creative ambitions have no limitations. No matter what life throws at her, Bree is and always will be a fighter and will remain truly unapologetically Bree!


Performance Reel



Kryptonite (Official Music Video) | Bree Taylor
Bree Taylor

Kryptonite (Official Music Video) | Bree Taylor